Whitchurch League Results 2017 – Week 18

Whitchurch and District Bowling League Results 2017
23 August 2017
Division 1
Howard Park A514vOakley Buzzards431
Hyde Abbey584vBasingstoke Diamonds431
Andover B381vWhitchurch Yellows514
Basingstoke Spades604vOld Basing Cavaliers461
Littleton Leopards605vAndover A290
Division 2
Oakley Kingfishers5vHoward Park C0**
St Mary Bourne Eagles562vHook Hares563
Kingsclere Partridges501.5vAlton A543.5
Old Basing Roundheads361vSt Mary Bourne Hawks544
Marnell Blues370vAlton Social615
St Mary Bourne Hawks593vAlton A392*
Oakley Kingfishers400vAlton Social655*
Division 3
Basingstoke Jokers644vSt Mary Bourne Merlins391
Hook Foxes431vOakley Kites564
Whitchurch Blues655vThornycroft400
Oakley Woodpeckers684.5vLittleton Lemurs300.5
Howard Park B494vMarnell Greens361
Thornycroft615vSt Mary Bourne Merlins320*
Whitchurch Blues310vOakley Woodpeckers525*
Division 4
Alton B494.5vAndover C320.5
Old Basing Royalists355vFriary260*
Littleton Lions371vOld Basing Royalists624
Friary634vKingsclere Pheasants271
** match awarded to Oakley ,Howard Park unable to field a team
* re-arranged  match
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