Roll ups are back! But with a difference.

2020 Roll-up sessions now running

The roll-up sessions which ran last year have now been re-instated.

However, it’s not quite like last year.

This year if you wish to play, you will need to book your place in advance by sending an email to the Secretary or phoning him. The maximum number per session is 18 which will be three rinks of triples, so if you have booked a place and then find you are unable to attend, please let Brian know before the times shown below.

Monday evenings start at 6pm, latest time for booking /cancellation is 1pm

Tuesday afternoons start at 2pm, latest time for booking /cancellation is 10am

Friday afternoons start at 2pm, latest time for booking /cancellation is 10am

Protocols for “Roll-ups”

  1. One person will host the sessions, including setting out and putting away the equipment and spraying with sanitizer.
  1. No changing position during the game, just as you would in an actual game.
  1. Only the number ones to touch the jack and mats. Only one jack is needed, but sanitizer and hand gel to be used before and after the game and more frequently if you wish.
  1. No scoreboards to be used. Just one scorecard kept by one of the skips.
  1. There is the option to use pushers, but if so, they must be for one rink only and one person responsible for using them at each end. They must be sprayed before and after use.
  1. Any measuring must be done by one person using their own measure.

The existing booking system for games is still in place and has been extended to enable triples games to be played.

At all times, social distancing rules must be observed.