Singles and Pairs games can now be booked and played.

The club has received confirmation from Bowls England, in consultation with the Government, that we are now permitted to open the green and games can be played, but with significant restrictions.

Under no circumstances should you go to the green if you are living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection.

To enable us to play safely the Committee have prepared some strict rules which must be followed. These rules are in addition to the guidelines from Bowls England which can be found at

Please follow the rules below and read the Bowls England documents.

  1. All games must be booked in advance. There will be three 2 hour sessions each day commencing at 11.00, 1.30 and 4.00. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your start time to avoid exceeding the maximum numbers permitted at the green. Rink bookings will be controlled by the Secretary. This can be done either by phone (01962 886778 ) or email ( If using email put Rink Booking in the subject line.
  1. Singles and pairs games may be played maintaining social distancing at least 2 metres apart at all times. (The players do not have to be from the same household.)
  1. Only 3 rinks to be used (1, 3 and 5 or 2, 4 and 6) to ensure social distancing. Do not shake hands, do not touch your opponent’s bowls with your hands and avoid measuring for shots. Only one player should handle the mat during the session. Two jacks (one at each end ) should be used and should be set by one player throughout the session.
  1. To minimise handling of equipment only one person should set up and put away the equipment. Mats and jacks are the only equipment to be used. No scoreboards, pushers, distance sticks, ditch markers and chalk. Scorecards can be retained by one person, if required. You should bring and take home your own bowls. Bowls in the shed must not be used and any other items in the shed must not be touched.
  1. Before and after use all equipment must be sprayed with antiviral surface cleaner which will be provided. Padlocks, door handles etc. should also be sprayed.
  1. Hand sanitizer will be provided to be used before and after playing. Please bring your own if you can. We would also recommend wearing protective gloves.
  1. Normal dress code. Only change your shoes at the green. Travel to the green on your own, unless from the same household. Please leave promptly at the end of your session.
  1. The Parish Council have agreed that with effect from Monday, 8th June the toilets will be open. Access will only be through the side corridor to the ladies and to the disabled toilet, which will be used by the gents. There will be no access to the main room or the kitchen, these will be locked. The door in the corridor beyond the ladies will also be locked.

The first aid box, defibrillator and key to the car park barrier will be available in the corridor.

When using the toilet please observe the Health and Safety guidelines, washing your hands before and after use and using the disinfectant spray and paper towels provided. (Full details are posted in the corridor)

Whilst we will do all we can to maintain a safe environment we would ask you individually to take precautions to ensure the season gets off to a good start. Do not go to the Club if you have any cold, flu-like symptoms or high temperature. (Over 70’s are permitted to play unless they are self isolating, but should take particular care to minimise contact with others outside your own household).

We appreciate that some members will feel uncomfortable coming to the Club at present, and we fully understand that. For those who wish to play, we would stress that it is in no way intended to be competitive, at this time it is for physical and mental well-being only.

The Treasurer, Roger Parsons, has requested that if you have not paid your subscription for this year you must send it to him before you consider booking a rink.

Thank you for your patience during this challenging time. Let’s hope that after a hesitant start we will be able to enjoy some bowls.

Brian Baxendale, Secretary.

8th June 2020