Indoor Competitions 2017-2018

Club Indoor Fixtures

2017/2018 Indoor Competitions

The club has entered the following competitions:

  • The Crowe Clark Whitehill Shield – played at West Berks Indoor Bowls Club, Newbury
  • The Hamblin Trophy – played at Riverside Indoor Bowling Club (Two teams entered)
  • The Moreton Cup – played at Longmeadow Indoor Bowling Club, Whitchurch

Both the Crowe Clark Whitehill and Moreton Cup events are played on a knockout basis, whilst the Hamblin Trophy is played on a league basis.

15/10/2017        Hamblin Trophy: LBC “A”            v Alton Social                            Won

19/11/2017        Hamblin Trophy: LBC “B”             v Hyde Abbey “A”                     Lost

03/12/2017        Moreton Cup                                 v Basingstoke “A”                        Match conceeded by Basingstoke

17/12/2017         Hamblin Trophy: LBC “A”              v Hyde Abbey “B”                   Won

17/12/2017         Hamblin Trophy: LBC “B”               v Andover                                Lost

21/01/2018         Moreton Cup                                     v Basingstoke “B”                   Won

28/01/2018        Hamblin Trophy: LBC “A”              v Winchester City                   Won

03/02/2018        Crowe Clark Whitehill Shield       v Thatcham “B”                        Lost

11/02/2018         Moreton Cup                                    v Eastleigh Rail                         Lost

24/02/2018        Crowe Clark Whitehill Plate          v Three Mile Cross                  Won

25/02/2018        Moreton Cup 3rd/4th place           v Hyde Abbey                          Lost

25/02/2018         Hamblin Trophy: LBC “B”               v Atherley                              Won by default

11/03/2018         Hamblin Trophy: LBC “A”              v Fleming Park                      Won

24/03/2018        Crowe Clark Whitehill Plate            v Sutton                                  Lost

08/04/2018        Hamblin Trophy Final: LBC “A”    v Andover                               Lost